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October 15th, 2020 – Birmingham Michigan – Birmingham Angels Mid-Year Update!

To all of our dedicated members, sponsors, and venture partners, we are delighted to report that our group made accelerated progress so far in 2020. 

Market Observations Overview:

  • We are seeing a significant increase in our intake deal flow with high-quality deals.
  • A noticeable increase in early-stage investors and early-stage capital entering the market.
  • Startup companies experiencing difficulties raising early-stage funding particular at the Seed to Series A level
  • There is a noticeable reduction of round valuation that become more reasonable and more deals are done on a “Flex-Value” model
  • A decrease of equity priced round and more deals done of Convertible Notes with a slight increase in conversion discounts as high as 30%+

Membership Update

There is an increase in inquiries with regards to membership, we had a 30% increase in membership, and we experiencing a high level of interest in our expansion to New York.


Total Number Member/Users


Open Applications


Capital Calls Open


Total Capital Pool


Closed Deals


Total Investments

Deal Flow Update


Startup Application


Selected Opportunities


Pipeline Effectiveness


Capital Calls Issued


Closed Deals


Closing Ratio

Current portfolio

  • Adlore, Inc. – Medical
  • Sidepitch – SaaS – FinTech
  • BioSense – Medical
  • Cask & Kettle – B2C
  • FanLabel – B2C
  • Life Magnetics – Medical
  • SampleServe – SaaS
  • REZA – Wearable Tech
  • Junction AI – SaaS
  • Pathware – Medical
  • CommendoLock – B2B2C
  • Alerje – Medical
  • BrandXR – VR/XR

Other Headlight News!

We would like to share some exciting news with you. We are expanding Birmingham Angels to NY City. We will partner with Mr. Joel Wolh, an active advocate for the startup ecosystem and early-stage companies. Joel will serve as the President of the NY group. We have learned that there are a significant number of investors in the NYC area that are very interested in quality deals from Michigan and the potential returns they can bring to their investment portfolio. 

We are fortunate that Joel has a pipeline for these investors. The NY group will be separate and independent under the Birmingham Angels brand and be an integral part of the Birmingham Angels national syndication.

It will allow us to expand our reach, building larger syndication, and bring more capital to deploy into our deals. We expect the group to be fully active by September. 

If you are an investor and are interested to join a highly dynamic and active Angel group please use the following link to explore Birmingham Angels 

[  For Membership Information

For more information or to schedule a one-on-one exploratory meeting please contact David Weaver, Chief Investment Officer. Please complete the following online request.

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