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August 2020 – Birmingham Angels an Angel Investment Group managed by City Side Ventures just added Junction.AI to Its portfolio of investments.

Junction AI takes the guesswork out of successful digital advertising, so marketers dramatically improve their return on ad spend (ROAS). It’s like powering everyone with their own personal AI data scientist.  Up to 60% of ad spend underperforms, 30% is outright wasted.  Marketers don’t know what ad creative (images, video, and copy) will be successful before deploying ads live. They use trial and error, A/B testing, and live experimentation to optimize ads over weeks and months. This guesswork costs a lot of time and money. “We have proven up to a 10x lift in engagement and conversions and saving marketers up to 90% of their time and cost in optimizing content.” per Vance Reavie, CEO/Founder.

“With the belt-tightening going on around the world right now, companies need to stay relevant and visible and cannot afford to abandon marketing (often one of the first areas cut) and we see this company making a significant impact for every user (tremendous potential). We are pleased to announce our investment.”  –  David Weaver – City Side Venture Chief Investment Officer.

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