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Media Alert – Investment Announcement!

December 10th, 2021 – Birmingham, Michigan – CitySide Ventures and GLAF announce adding Shoptelligence to its portfolio of companies.

The company solves the number one issue facing furniture and home design goods dealers and retailers: decline of retail store foot traffic.  At Shoptelligence, we drive more from less and help you get the most out of every shopper who visits your site or walks into your store. We increase your Average Order Value by serving as a virtual designer to make your website and sales associates smarter and more effective.

Journey into our world and let us show you how we increase revenue, improve the customer experience, and give you actionable insights to better engage with customers at every touchpoint. 42% more items per order ST-engaged shoppers buy rooms, not just items 32% average order value lift When shoppers see relevant inspiration, they buy more. 

“We believe that the company introduces new tech to an industry that has been slow to adopt new ways of doing things. We are excited by the fact that it is a Michigan based company. The founder proved that she is extremely driven and committed with an impressive list of paying customers and more importantly, a high capital efficient startup, one of the best I have seen in a while. Very attractive for us as investors. ”  – Doron York – Chairman/CEO  at CitySide Ventures  

CitySide Ventures is to become a premier Investment group committed to taking Michigan Angel investing to a new level by building a network of active, progressive, and innovative investors committed to turning Michigan into a powerhouse startup ecosystem.

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