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For Immediate Release!

October 20th, 2021 – Birmingham, Michigan – CitySide Ventures and Birmingham Angels announce adding to its portfolio of companies.


The future of commercial property management is smart & autonomous. The buildings of the future will be retrofitted/built with sensor technology and robotics. Tasks like security, reception, HVAC, energy management and waste/recycling management will be conducted by smart assets and robots.

At, we automate waste/recycling management for large property management companies.

 At, we automate indoor waste and recycling collection for large property management companies. We sell smart retro-fit sensors and smart bins that know how much waste is put inside them. Our solution tracks how much waste and recycling is generated every single day. Our system also sends a list of full bins to staff, 15 mins prior to their collection time, which optimizes collection costs by up to 90%.

“We believe that the company introduces tech to an industry that is way behind. It is a very innovative company that not only addresses a market need, but also does some good for the environment. We are delighted to have them among our family of companies. ”  – David Weaver – Chief Investment Officer at CitySide Ventures

Birmingham Angels’ goal is to become a premier Investment group committed to taking Michigan Angel investing to a new level by building a network of active, progressive, and innovative investors committed to turning Michigan into a powerhouse startup ecosystem.

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