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City Side Ventures Expands Team  – Despite the current and ongoing COVID issues, we are seeing a steady flow of early-stage companies  seeking capital. The volume of capital requests to Birmingham Angels is even increasing over last year.  We also expect a greater increase once the Great Lakes Angels Fund, for start-ups, is active later this  year.  

Hence, we are pleased to announce that we have expanded our backroom team by bringing onboard four outstanding student interns to support our ability to process the constant inflow of investment  opportunities. The interns are Gloria Liddell, Ben Bishop, Sohaib Khan, and Thomas Halloran. Their  bios can be viewed at our website. 

“We are encouraged that so many promising early-stage companies are coming forward from inside the  State of Michigan. This is a good time for accredited investors to join a group and help support the  companies, the local ecosystem and grow their personal wealth. We are delighted to see the early-stage  space growing and we need more people that are willing to be a part of this “Movement” to put Michigan  on the map David Weaver – Chief Investment Officer / CitySide Ventures. 

We expect 2021 to be an even stronger funding year for our Birmingham Angels members with the group
continuing to grow in membership. 

City Side Ventures is a driven venture group of experienced business builders, die-hard serial
entrepreneurs, disrupters, innovators, and technologists. 

We are more than just traditional investors; we are a different investment management firm that  creates and manages high-risk venture investment funds. 

For more information about CitySide Ventures or membership information in Birmingham Angels, please  visit our website at