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January 6th – Birmingham Michigan – CitySide Venture launches a new and innovative Intellectual Property & Licensing Management Division especially designed to work with startup companies.

Senior partner Ziva (“Zoe”) Chen, Ph.D., an accomplished and experienced IP Agent and Licensing professional, will lead this new division and we will offer a highly cost-effective alternative to traditional more expensive solutions offered by law firms. 

Intellectual Property is among the most important and valuable business assets that a startup company owns. As investors, we know that frequently startup companies underappreciated the potential of their IP assets and do not protect their brand early enough. And when they do, they often spend too much money and protect the wrong items. The goal of our service is to help startup founders navigate when and where to best spend your money while controlling costs.” – Doron York – Chairman /CEO – CitySide Ventures.

This service will be offered, any startup, early-stage entrepreneur, and small business that is looking for alternative ways to protect your assets. Additionally, our team can/will collaborate with our extensive and selected resource partners legal counsel and IP law firms on an as-needed basis.

A short article published by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) titled “Risky business: the five biggest IP mistakes startups make”:

For more information or to schedule an IP Assessment with Zoe, please complete the following request form or email