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Doron York, Chairman & CEO of CitySide Ventures, and David P. Weaver, Chief Investment Officer, were guest judges at the University of Michigan 2019 Financing Technology Commercialization Pitch Competition at the Ross School’s Blau Auditorium. The showcase was divided into two categories, Information Technology and Life Science 

“It was an impressive lineup of companies and the students did a remarkable job and it seems that it is a very strong ecosystem. It is very refreshing to know that Michigan is an extremely innovative State from year to year it is getting stronger and stronger. We are delighted to be a part of this innovative ecosystem”Doron York

Special thanks to Professor David Brophy for his advocacy for entrepreneurship and growing the innovation in the state.

I was familiar with some of the companies being presented and saw some new ones, as well.  The students made some very compelling presentations and I intend to follow up on some of them as a consequence.  Great job by the mentors and students!“ – David P. Weaver 

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