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Birmingham, Michigan – Jan. 22, 2019 – After three years in Farmington Hills, City Side Ventures CEO – Doron York announces moving its headquarters to a beautiful space in 34300 Woodward Ave Birmingham, MI. Joining the Platform @ Startup Nation “We have found a lot of synergy with StartupNation and Aria Ventures in their commitment to empowering Michigan’s entrepreneurship to grow and flourish, making Michigan the place to be.”

City Side Ventures is a different kind of early-stage venture investment group that provides early-stage companies with a combination of management resources, tech support, and early-stage capital.

Jeff Sloan and his team moved into space, now known as StartupNation at the Platform, in the spring of 2018. The building is a home base for many of Sloan’s companies, including StartupNation Media Group, LLC®; FanLabel, LLC®; Wantify, Inc® and Aria Ventures, LLC®.

“Launching our first fund, Great lakes Angels Fund, which will be one of the largest angels fund ($10 million) in southeast Michigan that is dedicated to rapid growth on Michigan startup ecosystem, we feel that being in a vibrant environment with other committed partners will be a catalyst for our success.” David Weaver, GLAF Chief Investment Officer, said.

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