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About the company

REZA specializes in designing and creating the world’s most advanced and innovative electronic footwear, changing the way we interpret fashion technology. By implementing new light technology, REZA’s high-end footwear not only keeps users safe at night time but offers a fashion accessory unparalleled to the current market. The aesthetic and patent-protected (granted) technology behind the brand has garnered the attention of thousands of on-goers on the streets and around the world, leading shoebrands and the creators of REZA have been contacted by both Shark Tank and The  Tonight Show. REZA aims to grasp the streetwear-fashion and athletic industry with the smart utilization of influencer marketing. The team includes experienced entrepreneurs and leaders in the footwear and fashion industry.

In 2006 Commando Lock was founded in Southeast Michigan with a mission to make a better padlock, make a more secure lock and to make it in an innovative way all in the USA.

Transaction Details

Investment Fund:
Birmingham Angels
$$ Committed:
Seed / Pre - Revenue
Convertible Note

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