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Approach & Business Process


Birmingham Angels is an angel investor membership organization with the intent and design to facilitate the syndication of tech based early stage investments.

Through the use of our unique platform, and other resources, the Birmingham Angels will have the ability to integrate and connect experienced investors throughout the region. This will  provide stronger, better-prepared investment opportunities leading to greater syndication of capital being deployed throughout the state of Michigan. 

Birmingham Angels’ purpose is to become a premier Investment group that is committed to take Michigan Angel investing to a new level.   Building a network of active, progressive and innovative investors that are committed to turn Michigan into a powerhouse startup ecosystem


Birmingham Angels is a for profit Michigan based membership organization that provides its members with highly qualified deals and complete backroom and startup support that is managed by CitySide Ventures, a full service venture group



Birmingham Angels Syndicate will focus primarily on the following selected market sectors:


Using our exclusive platform, Sidepitch, CitySide will provide the members with a full service backroom support which will include:

Pre-Deal Service

  • Deal Flow Sourcing  – Managing an online deal flow management with visibility and transparency
  • Deal Screening  – Managing a team of Deal Screeners to ensure the quality and integrity
  • Deal Qualifying  – Match the deals to the desired sectors and investors preferences and market intelligence
  • Due-diligence  – An online innovative In-Depth collaborative Due-Diligence process
  • Capital Call Management  – Generating and managing an online Capital Call Process  for transparency and immediate accessibility

Post-Deal Services

  • Portfolio Management – Setting and follow up Startup Performance and Execution Tracking
  • Investment Governance – Actively managing the investment governance according to the Term Sheet and Pace Investments
  • Mentoring, Coaching & Support – Providing Startups with the critical and necessary resources to succeed
  • Investors Financial Reporting – Managing the online dashboard reporting for accuracy and timely information
  • Annual Portfolio Audit – Provide investors with an online annual portfolio audit

Admin & Ongoing Services

  • Legal Management – Help and assist the investors and the startups with legal management
  • Tech Lab & Venture Studio – Offer Startups high level senior technology staff to ensure the right architecture and design
  • Tax Advising – Assist the investors with the right choices with regard to their investment strategy 
  • Regulatory Compliance – Ensure that all transactions are regulatory compliant
  • Market Intelligence – Provide valuable, timely, and consistent Market data to support the decision making process
  • Executive-In-Residence – Throughout our extensive network of experienced business people, corporate executives and high level professionals, we will offer the right people in the right seat.
  • Branding & Marketing Support  – Through our credible and highly rated vendors and business partners, we will provide a portfolio of companies with the right providers for maximum return.
  • Revenue Generation & Sales Channels – Our business partners and extensive network of partners and door openers, we will support our investment with revenue lead generation
  • Hardware Engineering & Design – With our core partner Amtech we can provide engineering, design and prototyping services for hardware based companies. 

Each Investor will have their personal account on Sidepitch which will give them an online access to all of the group events and activities with complete visibility and transparency.

City Side Ventures Startup [ + ] model is a progressive platform of incubation, acceleration and launch all in one. 


Using our system we are committed to make decision on investment opportunity within 60 days or less. The process will include:

Stage Timeline:
1 Screening – By Startup analysts team 0-7 Days
2 Qualifying – Chief Investment Officer In with the selection committee     7-14 days
3 Due-Diligence – Deal Team in collaboration with the active members 14-40 Days
4 Capital Call – send a capital call to the members and secure the capital 40-45 Days
5 Official Offering – Chief investment Officer 45-50 Days
6 Closing – Chief Investment Officer in collaboration with Legal Team 50-60 Days