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About the company

There are many successful competition shows on television globally, but for Gen-Z there is no purpose-built competition offering on their medium of choice, mobile.

And Gen-Z has demonstrated an almost endless appetite for this kind of content. Already, short-form dance challenge videos have racked up billions upon billions of views on conventional social and video platforms like TikTok and YouTube.

DanceFight is capitalizing on this intense interest by building a company that will provide a tailor-made platform for video challenges of all kinds. DanceFight is the first totally purpose-built, head-to-head short-form video competition app in the market with the potential to define and dominate the space. To pursue the full potential of the opportunity, the patent-pending platform will be focused initially on dance, but will quickly evolve (including the brand itself) to include all kinds of user-generated video content wherever Gen-Z competes head-to-head: singing, acting, comedy, trick b-ball shots, guitar battles, etc. The former VP of Brand for the now household brand name rideshare company, Lyft, is on the team and is leading the brand execution and evolution process.

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Investment Fund:
Birmingham Angels
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