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Venture Development / Advisor

Ph. 248.605.2028 Ext. 707

Tomas is a serial entrepreneur and multiple award winning practitioner, scholar, and teacher. After spending his early years starting and running a small business, he achieved his first exit. While he continued to work as an entrepreneur, he found more interest in supporting other startups and companies to achieve exits. Therefore, he shifted his focus toward supporting new ventures.

Through his years of successfully leading transformations for people and organizations, working with startups and later moving to fortune 100 companies, he achieved considerable success in aligning people with change initiatives and growth initiatives. With a  desire to contribute to others, Tomas went into academia with the goal of shifting paradigms of thought, while educating youth.

In his years as a teacher and scholar, Tomas found that in contrast to industry norms of upwards of 80% change failure and more than 90% new venture failure, Tomas spent the past 10 years observing, researching, and developing content to support the alignment of individuals with organizational initiatives. He has witnessed and supported the development of what is lauded as one of the most effective change programs, with close to 100% efficacy for change, innovation, and transformation in medium and larger organizations, it also has more than 70% efficacy with startups. Tomas looks forward to being able to incorporate the content he has learned and developed to support new venture success. With the goal of creating 100,000 jobs in Michigan and developing the angel network across the Midwest.

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