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Thomas Halloran

Intern / Startup Analyst

Ph. 248.605.2028 Ext. 716

Thomas has a mission to build and invest in technology companies focused on solving complex problems across a variety of domains, such as healthcare and financial services.  He possesses a combination of analytical and philosophical frameworks, along with a strong financial background, that allows for a unique perspective on startups and emerging markets. 

Thomas believes in an approach to tackling the world’s most pressing issues, such as climate change, through the seamless integration of innovative technology that aligns with existing consumer habits and human behavior. 

Thomas’ academic coursework thus far has given him a comprehensive understanding of finance and accounting.  He is constantly learning about inherent interests such as corporate strategy, financial modeling, and behavioral economics. 

Having worked previously as an accounting intern at a global industrial manufacturing company, Thomas has first-hand experience in analyzing the financial implications of international supply chains.  He is a leader in Michigan State University’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, providing educational and consulting services to student founders. 

Thomas is a Junior pursuing a B.A. in Finance with a minor in Law and Philosophy from Michigan State University.  

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