Motor City Venture (MCV)

Motor City Venture (MCV) / $18M


Motor City Venture is an equity-based Venture Partners Syndicated Fund set up as a Match Fund, created to fund and grow Early Stage Michigan based Tech companies.

Its sole purpose is to grow the Detroit Tech Startup ecosystem. The fund will match the founder(s) capital investment of up to $250K per deal for qualified startups. 

Minimum Qualification:

Companies that are considering applying must be qualified based on the following:
1. Company must be registered in the State of Michigan.
2. Company must be in located in the City of Michigan.
3. Company ownership with minimum of 51% ownership by Detroit residency.
4. Must be a for-profit entity.
5. Must have a fully functioning MVP and be Market-Ready.

Funding Requirements:

Companies that will qualify for the fund will be required to agree to the following conditions:
1. Company must commit to stay in the City of Detroit for at least 5 years.
2. Hiring within the Michigan workforce.
3. Have a Management team.
4. Have an Advisory board.
5. Pass the Due-Diligence Process.

The Process

Application Submission

0 - 14 Days

Application Review

14 - 25 Days

Due Diligence

25 - 30 Days

Final Selection

30 - 35 Days

Final Decision

35 - 45 Days

Deal Closure

How to apply?

To make sure that we process your request quickly and efficiently, we will be using Sidepitch as our Venture Fund management system. Thank you!

Apply via sidepitch