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Jay Patel led the growth of his family’s electronics manufacturing business to a highly profitable enterprise. He successfully expanded the business while working his way up through the ranks and bringing  an innovative approach to business processes. Currently, he is building on the lessons learned and utilizing his expertise to branch out to other business.

“I was brought up in our family business, so I was never put in a box or siloes and I was able to bring an unconventional approach to problem solving . This approach differentiated our business and defined our success.” 

Jay developed a custom ERP system that automated several tasks. Currently, he is working on developing a low-cost automation platform that enables better competition in manufacturing on a global scale.

Jay believes that continuous innovation and controlled experimentation is the only way to become a market leader.

As an entrepreneur, he recognized that time to market is crucial, he developed an instant quoting web application that could possibly cut weeks or months from the product development cycle. 

Jay founded the Electronics Development and Manufacturing Group that provides resources and a discussion platform to the local community and sparks entrepreneurial culture  and innovation in the region . Another goal of the group is to provide expertise and tools to companies and start-ups to help realize their product idea in the most efficient way. As a father that recognizes the challenges facing his children in the rapidly changing highly technological world, he launched a unique school, Acton Academy of Oakland County in Rochester. The Academy teaches children hands-on real world and entrepreneurial skills, so they can become independent, find their calling, and change the world.

Jay believes “If you do the right things, with the right intentions, with the right people, the sky’s the limit, you just need to be patient.” Through this understanding, he has been able to grow his family owned company Amtech over 300% in just few years,  create a culture of excellence, as well as set a foundation for further growth.

Jay’s involvement was sought out by many enterprises and ventures because of his leadership qualities and proven track record as a patient, caring, and hardworking successful businessman. 

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