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IsraTech Private Event Invitation Request

Please complete the request form to receive your
private invitation

Each of the virtual events will showcase an exciting lineup of Israeli based tech startups that are raising early-stage capital and in the process of establishing their base of operation in the US.

If applicable
By accepting the invitation to attend the event I hereby certify that I am an Accredited Investor according to the SEC guidelines, specifically Rule 501(Item 5) of Regulation D, as to the definition of an accredited investor. This event is produced and managed by CitySide Ventures (CSV). Any and all content presenting in the event is a trademark of CSV and in some cases protected by copyright laws, all rights reserved. Any recording of part or whole of any of the segments and sessions of the event is strictly prohibited. I agree that should I be considering investing in any of the companies presented, I will contact CSV Chief Investment Officer Mr. David P. Weaver for further coordination.