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Thank you for reaching out. In order for us to review the opportunity, you will need to complete the online application on our Venture Management System.  Please do use Sidepitch. Please review the following guidelines and instructions:
  • Please complete the online application in its entirety We have built the process with a particular purpose in mind so we will be able to provide you with a timely response.
  • When you work on your online application make sure you SAVE your work before you log out, so you will not lose the information.
  • When your profile is complete please do not forget to SUBMIT your application for review.
  • You will be prompted to pay the $120 application fee.
  • Upon receiving your successful payment, you will be prompted to log back to your account and PUBLISH your application. It is critical that your application will be PUBLISHED, otherwise, we will not be able to view it.
  • Upon receiving your application our Deal Flow Team will approve your profile in which time you will receive an email with instructions on next steps and/or any requests for more information.
  • Our Deal Flow Team will review and make a decision on moving forward or not within 14 days.
  • If we chose to move forward you will receive an email with a due diligence request, upon your approval, we will start the process.
  • Our team will then schedule the first online or in-person meeting with you and your team.
  • Must be market-ready or already in the market
  • There is a syndication fee that will be charged to the startup at the time of funding.


Thank you for your cooporation!

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