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Bryan Culver is CTO of SafeWhistle, LLC and Sidepitch, LLC. He has worked and consulted for numerous organizations on building stable and highly available infrastructures. His expertise expands from security, SaaS architectures, and web development to blockchain, machine learning, and business procedure analysis.

He grew up the child of two automotive employees, father an engineer and mother a business process manager. He never shied away from learning the underpinnings of a high functioning individual or enterprise. As a kid, Bryan had a passion for taking things apart to see how they work. As he grew older he started to build his own gadgets first out of blocks and later out of code. While studying computer science at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan, he worked in the telecommunications industry serving the Metro Detroit area organizations ranging from hospitals, Fortune 500 enterprises, and emergency services. With his partners at Argonomo, they have brought the industry changing the concept of a venture studio to Michigan. Uniting business acumen, technical expertise, and capital investment, Argonomo has brought down the total cost of going to market with new ideas.

He resides in Clarkston, MI with his wife and two daughters. When he isn’t designing and architecting platforms, he enjoys getting his hand dirty around the house with construction and welding. Ever tinkering, Bryan’s passion lies squarely in the pursuit of perfection.

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