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Be Investable

You can do it the long way, going through the funding “rollercoaster” or you can do the CitySide way. Which is it going to be?

We know what investors like to see, and what makes a startup investable. After all, we are investors, and we have been investing for a long time.

We have created this unique offering for startup founders to increase their Fundability rating significantly and make their company highly investable in a short time frame. 

Preparation and practice make perfect. Knowing what to show and when to show it is the difference between getting a YES instead of a NO. Preparing your company for funding is 80% of the process.

The Process:

We perform due diligence like an investor does, but we do it with you, instead of against you. Our process will help you create a compelling pitch and defendable valuation.

[.01] +

Develop an investment Thesis & Key Economic Drivers

[.02] +

Business Modeling & Valuation Analysis

[.03] +

Complete Investor Offering & Performa Development

[.04] +

Pitch Development, Practice to Perfection

[.05] +

Designing & Launch Capital Campaign & Funding  Match

The Process Outcomes:

At the end of the process your company will have a high Fundability Rating and you will be ready to pitch like a pro, speaking with the "Million Dollar" voice.

  • You will know how to fundraise, will have a system in place you will be able to use again and again to fundraise

  • Bring other valuable resources into your venture

  • You have a trusted team of Capital Advisors you can use when you want support

  • You have new and valuable capital strategies and a fundraising roadmap to grow

Resource Partners Services:


Need to explore with more?

Yes, it cost money, it will require financial investment on your part. After all we put time and resources into the process. 

** After receiving your application, we will set up your first, no obligation, Capital Advisors on discovery dialogue. We will decide together if we will move forward or not.