Since our inception in 2015, our strategy has been to launch and build great companies. We acknowledge that startups operate in different steps along their journey, therefore our funds range from Angel Funding all the way to Growth Capital Investments. Having started in Farmington Hills, Michigan, we are focused on creating equity investment relationships in promising Michigan companies through all our various funds.

  • Angel Funding – “Crawling” (pre-seed capital)
  • Venture Capital – “Walking” (seed to series D capital)
  • Private Equity – “Running” (Growth Capital).
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Our Culture

We are a distinct and highly diverse group of seasoned and accomplished entrepreneurs. With our deep understanding and appreciation for building businesses, we are an ideal partner for early-stage tech-based startup companies that are growing and scaling. As “Game Changers” and disruptors, we are more than traditional investors, we look deeper, wider, and bigger in all opportunities.

Unlike many investment groups that are chasing the next “Unicorns,” we like to get involved on the ground floor. We are a business-oriented group and have a tolerance for high-risks. We know how to find great drivers and are willing to put our experience, expertise, and capital to work.

We are not looking to invest in cars, we are looking to invest in drivers. We encourage and support confident, aggressive, and open-minded entrepreneurs with endless energy and passion for success.

City Side Ventures and their managing partners and employees are committed in making the Michigan startup ecosystem stronger and better.